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A patient seeking treatment for Depression/Anxiety, NOIDA

"Dr. Mansi Chawla is a compassionate, kind and wonderful homoeopath. Patiently listens to all the issues and complaints.i had been suffering from depression and anxiety and acne for long but got cured pretty quickly with her treatment. She has become a family doctor and my daughter is also recovering well with her medication.i am a true believer of holistic treatment provided by homoeopathy. Highly recommended!"

A patient seeking treatment for PCOS, Delhi

"I got relieved from my PCOS problem and underlying symptoms in just a few months with her treatment, which allopathy could not give me in 1.5 years. Even when i am not regular with the treatment due to some personal reasons, Dr. Mansi Chawla responds to me when i text her for some issue."

Mother of a patient seeking treatment for Bronchitis, Delhi

"Great diagnosis and the medicine hit home for my 4-year-old's persistent bronchitis problem."

A patient seeking treatment for Depression/Anxiety, NOIDA

"I've been struggling with what I believed was a multitude of mental-health-related issues including severe depression, extreme anxiety, chronic sleep deprivation for more than a decade. I've seen many different psychiatrists and to the individual, not one of them ACTUALLY LISTENED to me. One of my friends referred me to Dr. Mansi Chawla and believe me it changed my life forever. I was a little sceptical about the homoeopathic psychiatric treatment but with Dr. Mansi’s kind, compassionate counselling approach n homoeopathic medication I feel so much better n feel alive after years. Things don't feel hopeless anymore. Highly Highly recommend Dr. Mansi."

A patient seeking treatment for Anxiety, Mumbai

"I visited the doctor for anxiety. She patiently listened to me and made me feel very comfortable and at ease. she explained so nicely all my worries got sorted. I have been taking medication for 3 months now and feeling almost normal. I am so thankful to her for making me feel so much better."

A patient seeking treatment for Sleep Disorder, Australia

"Homoeopathy works best for sleep disorders. Was struggling with it for long and allopathic medication ceased to work. With a few months into treatment with Dr. Mansi, I sleep better and feel better."
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